What is your next project?, 2016

a cold lack of curiosity, 2015
22 ex risoprinted book on munken paper

during my stay at the hohensalzburg fortress, i wanted to dig into history and meanings of presenting the landscape.

as i was googling on this topic, i made drawings while watching the screen of my computer. as the screen can also be seen as a space, a frame, window trough we can watch. different from the landscape, the screen has not a periphere sight which means every spot is equally sharp. the virtual space is flat, is not tactile at all. it generates a kind of passivity comparable with the guided tourist, who mainly is the visitor at the fortress.

the shape of the book is referring to the ‘carnet de voyage’, a diary used by artists during travels to note and draw observations.

in the 14th century the writer petrarca was one of the first climbing a mountain (mont ventoux) for the pleasure of seeing.  he named his companions ‘frigida incuriositas’ which means ‘a cold lack of curiosity’, because they stayed at the bottom of the mountain.

enter, 2015
book 230 p., video projection
11 ex, first print
22 ex, second print

the action of entering a prison, a route of twenty minutes, quickly becomes a routine. 
the strict division of space and the many codes of conduct evoke a disciplined repetition of acts.
the idea to translate space into language arose from these general rules. in prison it is forbidden to take pictures and as all actions are meticulously supervised, all that remains of the act of entering, is a precise mental list of operations without tangible visual reference.
this list of verbs is the summary of all actions i encountered while entering the prison as an art teacher, once a week, three years in a row. 

de ingreep, 2013
during the big draw, a drawing event in ghent, we (together with oshin albrecht) did a 4 hour during drawing research/ performance/ action in which the starting point was a table, some objects that were already present, and some drawing materials. there was a list of rules, which we invented ourselves, like game rules, and which fell down one by one. one of the rules was not to speak with each other in words and not to move at the same time.